Senior Portraiture

Let Celuch Creative Imaging create your unique senior portraits. While we specialize in commercial and advertising photograhy, we use the same techinques for seniors as we do for our fashion and fitness clients. See some of our samples online, or call or stop by the studio to discuss your ideas. We encourage prior consultation to help us create background, mood, and lighting to fit your personality.



When to shoot?

We do like to do outdoor portraits whenever possible, and warm weather does make this easier. However, we can shoot your portraits any time during your senior year. Aside from the obvious reasons to shoot before mid-October (good weather and green backgrounds), these are your main considerations regarding timing your shoot:

When (if not supplied by your high school) does the yearbook require your portrait?
Is there an outdoor setting that you would like to use, and what is the best time of year for this?
Are you planning any changes during the year (braces removal, major hair makeover?)